Teaching life skills and promoting personal development. Camps for primary and high school ages.

Just Skills Adventure Camps

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The idea of challenging yourself is one of the pillars of personal development. By challenging yourself, you grow as a person and you learn to trust yourself more.

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Why an adventure camp?

1. It takes you out of comfort zone.
2. Provides an intense accelerated learning experience.
3. Help develop skills and attitudes.
Personal Development

Learn Life Skills

In a high-paced high-tech world, all kids & teens face challenging times at some stage of their school career, everything around them is constantly changing. Kids today need to adapt and survive if they want to cope with change. e.g.
Transition from Primary to High School and from High School to University or a job/
Navigate difficult choices/
Unexpected Crisis’s’/

What to expect

Here's a short description of what kids will be learning and doing at the Just Skills Adventure Camps.

More Camp Information

Life Skills

Life Skills:

These "games" set an environment for the group to interact and learn in a fun way:

Group skills
Growth Mindset
Communication & social skills
Working together
Practical Skills Activities

Practical Skills Activities:

Raft building
Lighting fires for hot water
Survival basics
First Aid
Water safety
Campfire singing
Talent show ect...
Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities:

High Ropes
Leap of faith
Big Swing
Paintball with ketties
Swing Ropes
Ab-sailing & Wall climb
Compass navigation
Night Survivor Games and more...

Just Skills Adventure Camps Gallery

Primary school ages.

Just Skills Adventure Camps Gallery

High school ages.


I done things with this team that I would never have been able to encourage myself to do. There support systems are the most trust worthy. I would recommend them at any given moment.
Michael Cecil Cowie Somerstrand College
It was an amazing experience could not ask for better did stuff that I thought I will never ever do extremely fun thank you
Damon Wagenaar Somerstrand College
This was an amazing self-discovery experience. Thanks for helping us find yourselves and how to work with what we have. Awesome
StefniGary Van Blerk Somerstrand College